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This program is being offered free of charge, so no deserving child is denied the chance to attend. Although this program is run almost entirely by volunteers, there are some expenses we need to make.

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Our Mission

“All for one and one for all!” This centuries old motto is still true today! The fencers of Denver Fencing Center strongly believe in the power of teamwork, and therefore, have been volunteering their time and talents with the Colorado Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp for seven years. There, they had the privilege to coach wheelchair fencing to children with disabilities. These amazing children had such a desire to learn and were so determined to overcome their disabilities. Witnessing their determination to learn fencing, the Denver Fencing Center team of fencers were inspired to find a way to implement a wheelchair fencing program in Colorado.

Our mission is to spread enthusiasm about fencing, to convey a positive attitude, and to celebrate success every step of the way. No task is too small! We want to enable these great children to have fun, giving them the opportunity to foster character development while encouraging a healthier lifestyle. All fencers of Denver Fencing Center share this vision and are motivated to help teach fencing and promote this beautiful sport that has captivated them with its history, precision, skill, and strategy. Volunteering as a team gives them a sense of belonging, accomplishment, and pride while making a positive impact in the lives of others.

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